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Collaborating in the Cloud

Collaborating in the Cloud

Author: Forbes in association with Cisco Today, the collaboration revolution is reaching fever pitch, as a comparatively new crop of cloud-delivered, collaboration-focused strategies and applications is achieving broader adoption and delivering remarkable results.

IT Market Clock for Enterprise Video

Author: Gartner Enterprise video collaboration, search and content management are increasingly important components of the unified communications portfolio. The transition to software-based solutions and support for a broad range of fixed and mobile form factors is bringing these technologies into the mainstream.

IT Market Clock for Enterprise Video
Keeping Video Conferencing Simple

Keeping Video Conferencing Simple

Author: Wainhouse Research Business quality collaboration without the complexity. Business-quality video conferencing doesn’t have to be that difficult. Keep It simple and start dialing!

Video Conferencing & Collaboration from the Cloud

Author: Wainhouse Research Video conferencing and collaboration solutions have moved to the cloud, giving customers cost effective, scalable, and more flexible purchasing options to meet their expanding communications needs.

Video Conferencing & Collaboration from the Cloud
The New Business Case for Video Conferencing

The New Business Case for Video Conferencing

Author: Wainhouse Research The business case for video conferencing (VC) is changing. This white paper provides insight into the value of video conferencing in today’s business environment, and real-world examples of how organizations – large and small – are leveraging visual collaboration to find new clients, serve existing clients better, and improve their bottom line.

How to Get Started with Telepresence Guide

Author: Cisco Many organizations consider telepresence and videoconferencing to be critical cost-reduction tools. Almost 90 percent of video collaboration technology users benefit from reduced travel and cost savings. Not only can video save money and improve productivity, it can also help you do so much more.

How to Get Started with Telepresence Guide
Collaboration Architecture

Collaboration Architecture

Author: Cisco The power to bring people together at critical moments can significantly enhance your ability to succeed. Collaboration is central to solving problems, innovating, and making your organization more competitive. In this paper, you will learn how the Cisco Collaboration Architecture enables you to address trends such as mobility, “bring-your-own-device,” and video, and create a flexible platform for collaboration.

Use Telepresence to Improve Five Essential Areas of Your Organization

Author: Cisco People working together can achieve extraordinary things. Yet when organizations and their ecosystem partners are dispersed around the country or world, it can be challenging to bring people together to unlock their potential. Gains in innovation, faster time to market, and effective decision making rely on improving interactions between employees and with partners, suppliers, and customers.

Use Telepresence to Improve Five Essential Areas of Your Organization
Video Collaboration Guide

Video Collaboration Guide

Author: Cisco Many organizations consider video conferencing to be critical cost-reduction tools. It is true; almost 90 percent of video collaboration technology users identified reduced travel and cost savings to be a benefit of the technology. Cost is only one element of a video strategy!

Benefits and Barriers to Video Collaboration Adoption

Author: Cisco Video collaboration technologies are reinventing the workplace by allowing people to meet virtually, efficiently and reliably. Benefits such as building trust, improving group collaboration and increasing competitive advantage are important factors of video collaboration.

Benefits and Barriers to Video Collaboration Adoption
The Collaboration Imperative

The Collaboration Imperative

Author: Cisco Improved collaboration represents the best opportunity for business leaders to tap the full range of talents of their people and move with greater speed and flexibility. But building a collaborative organisation requires a transformational approach to culture, processes and technology.

Assessing the Value of Today’s Collaboration Solutions

Author: Cisco In the last decade, the powerful trio of Internet, mobile, and broadband technologies changed everything from the way we consume media to how we interact with our peers.Today, we enjoy infinite content, no barriers to entry, one-to-many communications and rapidly expanding social networks.

Assessing the Value of Today’s Collaboration Solutions
The Business Value of In-Person Collaboration

The Business Value of In-Person Collaboration

Author: Cisco As organisations compete in a fast-paced global economy, a new set of business imperatives has evolved, solving complex problems quickly, growing customer relationships, and enabling agile innovation. These elements are critical to creating market differentiation in today’s business landscape.

The Impact of Video Communications on the Network

Author: Cisco Networked video is moving from ‘experimentation’ to business-critical. Understand the impact of IP video applications and technologies and the benefit of taking an architectural approach to video.

The Impact of Video Communications on the Network
Building a Video-First Culture in Your Business

Building a Video-First Culture in Your Business

Author: Yankee Group Most organizations today are now extended enterprises: global, networked companies comprising not only internal employees but also suppliers, partners, vendors and customers.

A New Way to Collaborate

Author: SMART Technologies Collaboration is a daily part of life in business. It’s virtually impossible for any organisation to function without working relationships with colleagues, customers and suppliers. Interactive whiteboards can help enhance workplace efficiency and productivity.

A New Way to Collaborate
Impacting Your Business Drivers

Impacting Your Business Drivers

Author: Wainhouse Research This concept provides a useful framework for CIOs and decision makers considering whether or not unified communications (UC) technologies should be adopted into their organisation, and if so, to what extent. Includes the hard saving and soft productivity gains in UC.

Taking Telepresence to the Next Level

Author: Cisco After adopting video conferencing or advanced telepresence for a single use case, you can increase return on investment (ROI) by adding additional use cases. The measure of success for telepresence is not whether the technology works, but the degree to which it contributes to business value.

Taking Telepresence to the Next Level
Extending Telepresence Beyond the Boardroom

Extending Telepresence Beyond the Boardroom

Author: Cisco When telepresence is at the desktop, visual collaboration becomes a transparent part of the everyday workflow. By taking telepresence out of the boardroom and putting it on the desk, or in the hotel room, home office, or field, you can help everyone become more productive.

Eleven Lessons on Collaboration in the Workplace

Author: SMART Technologies Collaboration technologies are a tantalising prospect for today’s businesses. Not only can they deliver marked improvements to existing business processes, they also hold the key to unlocking completely new ways of working. They can drive up productivity and creativity.

Eleven Lessons on Collaboration in the Workplace
Making a Success of your Telepresence Program

Making a Success of your Telepresence Program

Author: Cisco Appoint a telepresence champion and help measure the difference telepresence makes to your organisation. Build out a plan for your telepresence deployment to help make sure you get the greatest return on your investment.

Maximising the Return on Telepresence Investment

Author: Cisco In order to realise the full potential of telepresence, organisations must have confidence in its telepresence solution. The technology must offer high-quality audio and video and it must come with exceptional technical support and service to minimise any gaps in those accessing the system.

Maximising the Return on Telepresence Investment
Utilising Devices on Oil & Gas Installations

Utilising Devices on Oil & Gas Installations

Author: Pixavi Mobile video communications is a new work tool that enables work practices such as instant problem solving and remote inspections. Mobile video conferencing devices give the user a unique possibility to bring remote expertise into the field instantly.

WiFi Technologies for Oil & Gas Sector

Author: Pixavi As remote and integrated operations are becoming more widespread, an ever increasing amount of information is being exchanged from offshore to onshore facilities. The need for connectivity is even greater in hazardous environmentswhere control over people, processes and equipment is crucial.

WiFi Technologies for Oil & Gas Sector
Guide to Video Content: Capture, Transform, Share

Guide to Video Content: Capture, Transform, Share

Author: Cisco You can increase the value of your video conferencing endpoints by using them to share video content for meetings, organisational communications, and training. This guide, briefly describes the lifecycle stages for enterprise video content.

Optimizing Sales Team Performance Using Unified Communications and Collaboration

Author: Wainhouse Research How integrating collaboration technology with sales processes can significantly enhance sales force productivity and effectiveness.

Optimizing Sales Team Performance Using Unified Communications and Collaboration