Advanced immersive display transforms insight and understanding through 3D visualisation


Integrated 3D advanced visualisation solutions are engaging and interactive  

In a virtual world you can explore, understand and communicate in ways not otherwise possible. 3D advanced visualisation solutions allows people to visualise and interact with complex multidimensional data in order to make informed decisions quicker, improve work processes and reduce time to market.


Premium display walls that offer truly immersive collaborative environments

Working with the industry leaders of cutting edge display technology, we deliver the most advanced, functional and intuitive display solutions possible. Designed for collaborative working, they can produce amazing image quality in any shape or size, front or rear projected with multiple source handling, telepresence capabilities and data sharing.

Visualisation: Videos
The Cyviz Vizwall is a proven concept for collaborative work environments

Collaborative Work Environments

Cyviz work environments are targeted at professionals with a need for a high resolution, stereo capable display facility for collaborative work in a regular meeting room or office environment.


Cyviz - Collaboration: Redefined

Cyviz is a high-end technology company that creates exceptionally intuitive visual display systems, which provide businesses a more sophisticated and robust way to collaborate.

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