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Work today is an activity, not a place

Today leading companies are obtaining greater business effectiveness and value through cloud-driven collaboration. Flexible work environments, mobile workforce productivity and the ability to collaborate across time zones and beyond organisational boundaries are the key reasons why we are experiencing a collaboration shift.

Collaborating in the cloud overcomes any technology barriers and enables connectivity across vendors, platforms, standards and devices. The cost and complexity of deploying video communications is no longer a barrier, there’s no need to deploy expensive hardware infrastructure, which eliminates capital equipment spending. It’s never been simpler or more cost effective to video-enable your entire organisation.

System Subscription

Viju Cloud System Subscription

Extend the benefits of video across your organisation and beyond

A System Subscription is required in order to make and receive video calls. It’s similar to a mobile phone subscription but for video endpoints. There’s unlimited video calling and you can communicate with anyone with a standards-based endpoint. A video address, such as, is assigned to the endpoint, so it’s easy to remember and share with other contacts.

There are three low-cost monthly subscriptions plans, ideal for any size of video endpoint. The plug and play activation makes it very easy for you to subscribe to VijuCloud.

CloudRoom User Model

Viju CloudRoom

Connecting everything to everyone from anywhere

Using a CloudRoom enables three or more participants to collaborate seamlessly and spontaneously. You can join a multi-user/system video meeting from any standards-based video device or from mobile devices.

A secure CloudRoom enables up to 30 participants to join the same video meeting from virtually any standards-based video device, tablet, smartphone or web browser. Participants can also access a CloudRoom using Microsoft Lync or WebRTC, and audio participants can join by phone.

It’s now possible to connect video, audio and web in the same meeting!

Subscribe to our CloudRoom User Model from as little as $29 per user per month

Personal Subscription

Viju Cloud Personal Subscription

Personal video collaboration for mobile, remote and extended teams

A Personal Subscription is an application that extends the reach of video communications to enable greater collaboration with remote participants. With the simple installation of a software client on a compatible PC, Mac or mobile device, a Personal Subscription empowers anyone, anywhere to experience the benefits of video communications and collaboration.

A Personal Subscription enables fast, easy and reliable connections to other personal subscription users, desktop video systems and telepresence meeting rooms.


Invite, join and manage a video meeting at the click of a button

Video communications has never been easier to schedule and manage. Meeting hosts can schedule a video meeting and invite participants into their personal CloudRoom Subscription from a tablet, PC/Mac or video

- Connect up to 30 video and audio participants in a CloudRoom Subscription

- Schedule using Microsoft Outlook add-on

- Schedule a video meeting directly in the Outlook calendar

- Use iOS or Android App for instant mobile meeting access

- Access real-time and historical usage information

VijuCloud connects everything to everyone from anywhere

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