Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is transforming the way organisations collaborate in the workplace

Video Conferencing
Dual Desktop Conference Call Using Video Conferencing Software

Video conferencing is here, there and everywhere

Video communications is now possible using any device in almost any location – all designed to help you bring people together easily and build closer, more productive relationships with colleagues, customers, partners and suppliers.

From mobile devices to the desktop, team collaboration rooms, executive boardrooms, and more, video conferencing provides ways to improve communications, relationships, and productivity by helping people meet face-to-face over distance as easily as making a phone call.

Video Workplace Concept
Duel TV Screen Conference Call

Video Workplace makes it all simple...

We’ve set the standard for video communications and called it Video Workplace.

A successful video conferencing deployment requires more than just installing the latest equipment. We’ll support you with expert knowledge and advice – helping you choose the most appropriate equipment for your workplace, including video, display, control, speakers, microphones, furniture, blinds and taking into account ambient lighting and acoustics.

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Video Collaboration Journey
PC Conference Call Using Viju Video Conferencing Software

Where are you on your video collaboration journey?

Video conferencing is here, it’s time to really embrace the wide and varied possibilities of video communications.

Viju deliver video communications and collaboration to the world’s leading organisations, working with them to define the journey from concept to consultancy, design through delivery.

We’re committed to delivering video communications that help organisations succeed – let us assess how video will benefit you.

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Reinvent the team meeting experience with Cisco Telepresence MX300 G2
Cisco TelePresence MX300 G2

Cisco TelePresence MX300 G2

The Cisco TelePresence MX300 G2 offers a high quality, easy-to-use video collaboration experience – bridging time and space to enable teams to collaborate like never before.

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Video Conferencing Videos

New Cisco Collaboration endpoint design

Introducing a new industrial design and brand identity for new Cisco video collaboration endpoints announced in 2014.

Cisco’s vision for video is better than being there

The Future Vision for Video

Today, people recognise that video is the most compelling way to engage with people, interests, & content. In the future, video will provide better than being there experiences.

Cisco TelePresence: Transform your business with the power of in-person

The Power of In-Person

It’s no secret that bringing people together fuels new ideas. Telepresence puts people at the centre of collaboration by delivering the power of in-person.

Continue the journey to pervasive video with Cisco

The Power of Video Everywhere

One-way video is now emerging within the enterprise as a powerful force for promoting alignment, distributing training and education, and creating new customer engagement models.

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