Telemedicine is aiding medical professional deliver remote specialist patient care


Telemedicine provides immediate access to specialist consultation and collaboration

Telemedicine solutions are designed to reduce costs, scale expertise, enhance productivity and help deliver better patient care. The immersive experience of telemedicine can improve the delivery, quality and speed of care and improve the patient experience. By empowering executives, physicians, specialists and patients to meet, discuss and make decisions in real-time, regardless of their location, enables cost-effective clinical collaboration.


Expanding the boundaries of telemedicine to create a better healthcare experience

Telemedicine transforms the delivery of healthcare to enhance care at a distance between patient, clinicians, first responders and health specialists. Using high-definition video communications, medical devices and collaboration tools, telemedicine can provide convenient access to efficient patient care across distance.

Telemedicine: Videos

Remote Health Care - Shell

Impressive telemedicine solution developed and delivered by Viju for Oil & Gas client, Shell.

Cisco TelePresence Powers the New Way of Working

Telepresence New Way of Working

Everyone everywhere can be more productive with face-to-face collaboration. Changing the way people work, live, play and learn. Cisco TelePresence transforms customer experiences.

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