Discover the possibilities of video communications
Duel TV Screen Conference Call

Video conferencing is transforming the way organisations collaborate in the workplace

Video communications is more than just a face-to-face meeting; the way we work, communicate and interact is changing dramatically. Organisations are now embracing video conferencing to enhance productivity, drive innovation and build strong relationships.

Be inspired by remarkable audio visual environments

Powerful audio visual designed to inspire and revolutionise any environment

Professional audio visual integration solutions enable organisations to display, distribute and control technology to provide the best possible presentation experience. Viju works with the world’s leading audio visual product specialists to deliver the sound and the vision.

Remote Monitoring & Management of Viju Video Conferencing Software
Innovate beyond imagination with visual collaboration
Using an Interactive Display to Communicate Ideas

Outstanding visual and interactive collaboration is engaging and productive

Visual collaboration solutions such as interactive displays, intuitive collaboration software, remote collaboration tools and video conferencing enable your teams to collaborate freely and naturally. There is a better way to get together – are you ready to increase innovation and boost productivity through better collaboration?

Change your world with 3D visualisation

Advanced immersive display transforms insight and understanding through 3D visualisation

Providing perspectives that are completely unparalleled, advanced visualisation solutions deliver complete data accessibility and interaction in a display format that improves the user experience in collaborative work environments. A truly immersive experience that changes the way people approach their workflow processes.

3D Visualisation of Fighter Jets Above Rocky Terrain
Work better together with telepresence
Triple Screen Conference Call Using an iPad with 11 Different People

Increased demand for collaboration is driving customer change towards telepresence

Telepresence is next generation video conferencing, where people can meet face-to-face and be more productive through the most natural video communications experience available. Telepresence puts people at the centre of the collaboration experience, enabling them to work better together to transform business.

Reach audiences anywhere with compelling digital media

Imagine a new world of personalised, engaging and interactive media experiences

Today, organisations are using interactive media on a variety of devices across many channels to communicate relevant and timely information. Digital media helps to increase sales, enhance customer experience and facilitate learning.

Laptop Conference Call Using Viju Video Conferencing Software
Revolutionise healthcare with telemedicine
An Example of How Telemedicine Works

Telemedicine is aiding medical professional deliver remote specialist patient care

Video collaboration technology brings the specialist to the patient without the many challenges posed by distance, time and resources. With the help of video consultation and integration with medical diagnosis equipment, specialists can conduct remote telemedicine consultations using state-of-the-art video communications.

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