Pexip Infinity. The Scalable Meeting Platform.

Pexip Infinity enables users to visually collaborate across any platform or device.

Pexip Infinity

Pexip Infinity solves enterprise communications and collaboration challenges

Enterprise video conferencing has traditionally been very expensive, complex to manage, difficult to use and hard to scale to more than a handful of users. Pexip Infinity brings every video conferencing system together in a seamless and secure way.

Pexip Infinity enables legacy video conferencing systems to connect to Microsoft Lync, audio conferences, web browsers, tablets and smartphones, and allows all these technologies to connect in any combination and any configuration.

Virtual Meeting Room

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Scalable software platform providing personal virtual meeting rooms for everyone

Pexip provides an affordable, simple approach to video communications on any device, effectively enabling everyone to engage in high definition video, web, and audio conferencing. It essentially provides everyone with their own virtual meeting room in a way that’s easy to use.

The Pexip experience is simple, easy to embrace and provides a consistent user experience. Simply meet on video or audio and share information and documents, and make decisions quicker!

Virtualised, Distributed Software

100% virtualized and distributed multipoint video, audio and data collaboration infrastructure

Pexip Infinity is a software transcoding engine, an MCU (Multipoint Conferencing Unit) and a distributed gateway in one. It connects any video codec and protocol in real-time, providing a true any-to-any collaboration solution.

Because Pexip Infinity is virtualized software, it provides access to updates, enhancements and new features. And you can choose how and when you update, scale, deploy and manage the platform.

Shaping a better world: Arup deploys Pexip globally

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“The deployment of Pexip Infinity will not only reinvent how our company communicates internally but will also change how we communicate with our external clients”

Ron Salfarlie, Head of AV, UKMEA AV Media Services, Arup

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