Oblong Mezzanine

Mezzanine provides a more immersive, more productive meeting experience for the enterprise

Infopresence Technology

Oblong Mezzanine in Action

Boost creativity and productivity with Infopresence technology

Mezzanine integrates traditional video conferencing, application sharing and whiteboarding between multiple locations and provides an Infopresence experience. The immersive digital canvas spans screens and walls and delivers an impactful experience that captivates the audience.

The ability for users to share and contribute from any device, and surround their audience with visually stunning content provides a truly collaborative experience and delivers high-impact and engaging presentations.

Did you know that Oblong were named a Cool Vendor in Gartner’s 2016 Report on Human Interface?

Dynamic Collaborative Workspaces

Simultaneously display images, video conferencing and screen sharing from multiple devices

Mezzanine enables your team to immerse themselves in live video, applications and more – it enables collaboration without constraints. The Mezzanine experience unites teams across distance with multi-participant control.

Mezzanine is an interactive, immersive and integrated solution that takes the collaborative working environment to the next level. From its gestural interface to BYOD-friendly controls, Mezzanine is transforming collaboration and solving the most complex business challenges.

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Oblong Videos

Oblong Mezzanine

Learn how Mezzanine™ can improve workforce engagement, workplace productivity, and data-driven decision making through true visual collaboration.

Oblong on BBC Click

BBC Click, BBC's flagship technology show visited Oblong's offices to check out Mezzanine™ and some prototype solutions currently under development.

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