Digital Media

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Digital Media

Using Cisco Show & Share to create, manage and publish relevant communications

Create, manage and publish relevant communications

Digital media is a comprehensive offering of video sharing, digital signage and business IPTV applications. With digital media, organisations can play high-definition live and on-demand video, motion graphics, web pages and dynamic content on digital displays.

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Capture, Transform and Share

Using an iPad to capture, transform, and share valuable digital content

Capture, transform, and share valuable digital content

With video content solutions, you can capture digital media through any device and transform the content so that you can share it securely across the organisation or beyond. Use video in new ways, from capturing valuable meeting insights to distributing company communications and training.

Digital Media: Videos

Capture, transform and share video content with Cisco

Capture, Transform and Share Video Content

Organisations around the world are rapidly adopting enterprise video content solutions to capture valuable meeting insights, share frequent internal communications and deliver training programmes.

Continue the journey to pervasive video with Cisco

The Power of Video Everywhere

One-way video is now emerging within the enterprise as a powerful force for promoting alignment, distributing training and education, and creating new customer engagement models.

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