Outstanding visual and interactive collaboration is engaging and productive


Find exciting new ways to collaborate and make getting together more effective and engaging 

The way people communicate and collaborate is changing. Allow your people to get together naturally with visual collaboration solutions such as interactive displays, intuitive collaboration software, remote collaboration tools and video communications.

Collaborating in-room or across distance is no longer a challenge. The process is seamless, making it easy for teams around the world to stay engaged, share ideas and make decisions quicker.


Successful collaboration can transform the way businesses communicate and interact

Visual collaboration provides the richest visual experience for displaying and interacting with digital content. We help teams consolidate information from multiple sources and make presentation more visual and interactive.

Using powerful meeting productivity software encourages collaboration, making it easy to refine, share and distribute content and capture ideas in engaging ways.

Collaboration: Videos
SMART Freestorm: There’s a better way to collaborate

Better Ways of Working Together

Got an idea? Grab a napkin. Brainstorming? Pull an all-nighter. Sound absurdly familiar? Sit back and discover a better way of working together

SMART Freestorm: There’s a better way to collaborate

Ever Thought There's a Better Way? There Is!

Collaboration is key to doing business. It's how teams solve problems, make great decisions and come up with the nest big idea. Enable extraordinary collaboration anytime, anywhere.

SMART & iObeya, digital visual management

SMART Lean Management

Using SMART boards with iObeya digital visual management for lean management. Visualise and navigate all your boards at a glance. A natural user interface and real-time collaboration.

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