Get more value from visual communications technology

Collaborative working environments impact behavior, efficiency, and key outcomes like communication and innovation. Physical workspaces are an undervalued way to manage and inspire employees, and the optimal physical environment can serve as a foundation for an effective workforce.

Employees also have growing expectations around the latest technologies and demand more robust tools and applications that enhance workplace collaboration.

Employees are right to expect more from collaboration technology in the workplace, and many companies are already looking to derive much more business value from visual communications and collaboration technology.

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Are you making the most of visual communications technology in the workplace?

Highly successful collaborative working environments should be predictable, reliable, easy to use as well as maximize workplace performance and improve business process efficiency. However, meeting room technology has been notoriously complex and burdened with a reputation for being technically difficult and cumbersome to operate. This can lead to highly stressful situations for users, which affects performance, productivity, effectiveness and morale.

90% of user’s experience technology-related stress in meetings
60% of users try to fix the problem themselves
46% of users call technical support
15% of users postpone meetings until technology problems can be fixed

VijuConnect addresses the common everyday problems experienced in meeting environments and considerably reduces the wasted time and frustration experienced by users throughout their day.


VijuConnect improves the way your collaborative working environments are monitored, managed and supported. It enables IT, corporate real estate and facilities management teams to take advantage of our knowledge, resources and assistance, resulting in decreased equipment downtime and increased device utilization.

4 reasons why you should consider VijuConnect

1  Eliminate user frustration and deliver a consistent and positive experience
2  Maximize equipment uptime and maintain service continuity
3  Minimize service disruptions and improve performance and availability
4  Resolve service impacting issues quickly and efficiently

By taking advantage of VijuConnect, we will proactively monitor, manage and support your meeting environments, anywhere in the world!

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