VijuConnect enhances and simplifies the meeting experience

Technology is supposed to enhance and simplify the meeting experience. However, research shows the opposite to be true. Technology adds to stressful situations and can often be counter-productive.

Employees often suffer from technology-related stress in meetings and experience inefficiencies that affect performance, effectiveness and morale. Meeting room technology that does not work seamlessly hinders productivity.

The key to successful adoption of visual collaboration technology is to make sure it performs well. And, having a predictable and consistent experience improves user confidence and drives higher usage.

VijuConnect improves the way your collaborative working environments are monitored, managed and supported

VijuConnect provides us with the ability to proactively monitor and manage your global network of video conferencing and audio visual systems and devices.

Using a combination of the latest software, technology and expertise, VijuConnect ensures that your meeting environments are always operational, accessible and consistent.

Designed to maximize equipment uptime and keep meeting environments optimized, VijuConnect provides visibility of VC and AV devices across your organization.

VijuConnect Global

Improve the performance and availability of your meeting environments

VijuConnect uses advanced monitoring tools and configurations to communicate with the systems and devices in your meeting environments. VijuConnect proactively monitors device status, health and performance, delivering instant notification of any failures or lost connectivity to our Service Operations Center.

Rather than waiting for a user to report an issue, VijuConnect will immediately detect a warning or error. When our Technical Support Team are notified that an issue has been identified, they can access critical real-time information and immediately start to work on resolving the issue.

VijuConnect Support

Access to experienced, skilled and qualified technical support specialists

VijuConnect allows you to take advantage of our technical expertise and resources. Having access to our Technical Support Team who are all trained in industry leading technologies, dramatically reduces the time and resources spent resolving system faults.

VijuConnect provides immediate access to remote support to resolve issues quickly, minimizing service disruption and user frustration. By remotely accessing the devices in your meeting environments, our Technical Support Team can instantly perform remote troubleshooting and resolve service impacting issues quickly. Additionally, our Technical Support Team perform routine preventative maintenance at convenient times to eliminate service outages and ensure your meeting environments are always on and always available.

We know how to achieve successful and productive collaboration in the workplace, and provide the experience, expertise and resources to help protect and optimize meeting environments.

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