Viju completes UK’s first ever Samsung 1.5mm LED install

When one of the largest commercial property companies in the UK were looking at innovative audio visual solutions for their new UK head office, Land Securities engaged with the team at Viju. A key part of the project was the need for a large show stopping, high resolution display for the reception area. The screen was required to showcase bespoke content, including news reels, stock updates, and Land Securities property portfolio. Due to the nature of detail, the solution needed to produce pristine image quality.

Following a detailed evaluation of LED technologies (with the project requirements always in mind) Viju recommended Samsung as the LED product to create an exceptional experience at Land Securities new Victoria HQ.

Viju Land Sec Sumsung
First ever Samsung 1.5mm LED install in the UK creates show stopping display

Viju partnered with Samsung on this project for Land Securities, to provide their 1.5mm pixel pitch LED from the IL range to create the striking display the company’s atrium area required.

Due to the the fact that the audience would be in close proximity, the screen needed to have a sub 2mm pixel pitch in order to have a viewing distance of no more than 2 metres. This ensured the detailed presentations and bespoke content on the display could be high resolution.

A key benefit of LED as a technology is it delivers a truly seamless, bezel free display, ensuring there is no disruption to content. This feature was paramount to LED being used so not to have interruption to the detailed content being showcased.

The IL series was the first addition to the Samsung LED portfolio, and comes with market-proven technology and software that means it can provide rich and detailed colours and shades. The 1.5mm LED gives Land Securities the chance to really show off their property portfolio in stunning detail, precise brightness uniformity and colour.

The final solution was a 2.8m x 1.6m wall of the ultra-narrow pixel pitch, 1.5mm pixel pitch LED, which hit exactly full HD at 1920 x 1080 resolution.

Kulveer Rupra, Account Director at Viju working on the project for Land Securities, said: “Land Securities commitment to delivering a spectacular display was evident when they accompanied Viju to ISE 2016 for a vigorous evaluation of LED technologies across the industry. The Samsung wall came out on top and this was affirmed when an in-project challenge forced us to reduce the size of the wall late in the project from 2.5mm (4.7m wide) to 1.5mm (2.8m wide) without compromising the original goal for optimum quality.”