Video acceptance continues to grow inside and outside the enterprise

According to a recent study conducted by Forrester Research, more than three-quarters of enterprises have or intend to deploy desktop video conferencing; travel savings are still the prominent reason for the adoption of video communications. There is however a growing acceptance of the ‘softer’ benefits that video brings, including better working relationships and enhanced productivity.

This survey suggests that video conferencing is set for continued growth in the enterprise, and video at the desktop may face the least barriers in terms of adoption. Other parts of the survey suggest that enterprises are still very interested in room-based video conferencing, when asked about the value of video in certain locations, 96% of respondents attributed the highest ratings to “large meeting rooms and boardrooms,” while 70% cited the desktop.

Video Technology Study

Bringing video communications to more people, on more devices, from more places

The growing demand for desktop video comes at a time where mobility is more crucial than ever for the enterprise. The workplace is no longer confined to one place. Businesses require offices and remote workers across continents to be connected in a way that allows quicker, smarter and more efficient collaboration through tools that facilitate face-to-face meetings and help employees stay more connected with their peers.

Business video is pervasive, users are now demanding the ability to communicate on any device, anywhere. And with the increased availability of cloud-hosted video solutions, its becoming easier to deploy video communications inside and outside the enterprise, allowing organisations to connect with colleagues, partners, suppliers and customers.

Rich Costello, senior analyst, Enterprise Communications Infrastructure at IDC, predicts that “most mid-to-large size companies will maintain immersive video solutions in central locations for specific high-end use cases, while also supplementing collaboration strategies with video alternatives that can support desktop, distributed, and mobile workers.”

The next generation will see video reach a much wider user base as businesses large and small take advantage of telepresence in the cloud, which promises delivery of a secure and reliable service that will also be highly affordable. Companies will be able to scale video as they grow, adding extra endpoints and desktop licences without such a large investment in infrastructure.