50 days since our BIG announcement…

It’s been 50 days since VisionsConnected and Viju (VCV) joined forces with new investment, so we thought we’d share a brief update to keep you all informed about our progress so far.

Immediately after the announcement the management team and directors of both companies came together for a workshop in Edinburgh, Scotland. Colleagues travelled from Singapore, UAE, US, England, Norway, Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Viju VisionsConnected Leaders
Odd Sverre Østlie, new CEO of VCV with Raymond Alves, the founder and CEO of VisionsConnected

We covered a range of topics, from organizational strategy to culture and branding. The collective energy and enthusiasm was palpable and continued into the weekend. The team travelled to Loch Lomond and enjoyed 4×4 adventure driving and a speedboat island pub tour.

Viju VisionsConnected Team

It was straight down to business the following week for the global marketing team. Our challenge – to create and implement a new brand, and launch early 2018.

We took the decision to look for a new brand agency to help us create and implement our new brand identity. We undertook a formal process and invited agencies in London, Amsterdam and Oslo to partner with us. Our dispersed team used video communications and our cloud collaboration platform throughout the process to meet and make quick decisions.

We selected Bold Scandinavia, part of NoA, and had our project kick-off workshop in Oslo last week. We made new friends and had a lot of fun with sticky note, obviously. 😊

We’re very excited to be involved in creating our new brand, watch this space!