Infopresence is re-shaping visual collaboration for the enterprise

Today’s leading organisations face similar challenges integrating current collaboration solutions with emerging technologies, regardless of industry. Most enterprises are still collaborating in a traditional meeting room environment with access to a defined set of technologies and tools such as conferencing hardware and software, presentation software, a projector, a connected PC/laptop or a whiteboard. In the last decade, telepresence has added immersive visual communications to the experience, but the choice of solutions often make video meetings even more complex and fail to keep pace with today’s technologies, applications and dispersed teams.

Video conferencing solutions have for a long time been mostly a one-to-many experience, despite advances in high-definition video conferencing, data-sharing and cloud services for interoperability. Most data-sharing capabilities limit users to working with just one document, file, or screen at a time. And then many voice, video or web solutions limit the number of participants who can connect and restrict how many users can share data.

Mezzanine with Infopresence opens up the next chapter in workplace visual collaboration – it enables a shared digital workspace for all distributed teams. Mezzanine provides the flexibility to expand the workspace across multiple walls and different screen configurations to show content, share work and engage your audience. Users can customise their workspace, merge displays to span across an entire wall and work with room plans to activate every available surface for presentation and collaboration.

Oblong Mezzanine

This is a meeting collaboration experience like no other – offering the combination of data efficiency with video and voice that is unparalleled. Mezzanine breaks through boundaries by supporting upwards of 48 individual contributors, all with multiple devices in a working session across up to four connected Mezzanine rooms. With Mezzanine, every participant has the ability to interact with the shared content in the room and contribute to the session from their own personal device. With a special wand and an array of displays, Oblong’s Mezzanine technology turns hardware into a unified collaboration system for work.

This is why Oblong have some great client success stories – clients such as PwC, Accenture, Polo Ralph Lauren and many more are able to bring multiple devices & locations into a shared workspace to create engagement, maximise the impact of presentations and win the room every time!

Oblong is a key collaboration partner in the enterprise space for Viju.