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For many years, we have been providing cloud-based video communications to our global customers. We know from experience that one of the most crucial factors for successful adoption of technology is that it must be easy to use. Not only that, but there is an art to bringing advanced technologies together in a single user interface. Viju has, and will continue to invest considerable resources in providing user-friendly solutions to our customers. The need for collaboration across different platforms has become increasingly important, and with new technologies available in the market, we are now able to develop an enterprise-grade service that is intuitive, innovative and secure. VijuCloud is our powerful cloud collaboration solution that provides a more efficient and effective way to visually communicate and collaborate. 

VijuCloud has evolved significantly in recent years – we have enhanced and developed new services, we have established a global team, we have recruited the most advanced professionals and developers from the video industry and we have incorporated many new and exciting partnerships. The result of this extensive work and large-scale initiative has resulted in an integrated conferencing solution that delivers a unified collaborative experience for everyone. 

VijuCloud is a professional cloud collaboration solution, making it easy to use video conferencing at scale, working across video, audio and web. The service is provided as a subscription – either as a personal subscription where everyone in the organization can access their own personal CloudRoom (virtual meeting room), or as a system subscription that connects your video conferencing systems to our cloud service. 

Viju CloudRoom

The aim of our cloud services is to create a conferencing platform for easy interaction, and to give customers added value to their existing videoconferencing investments. At the same time we want to give each employee more control over their own meetings through simple and intuitive tools.

VijuCloud Interface
VijuCloud Interface Examples

Another important factor is that we should not limit the opportunities for our customers.  They should not be tied-in to a given platform or manufacturer, but be able to choose the best-in-class collaboration tools and devices, and take advantage of the latest industry developments, without major disruption or change.

VijuCloud eliminates the need for major investments related to the acquisition and operation of their own infrastructure. With VijuCloud, we are responsible for maintenance, operation and updates. Other benefits include cost savings, greater efficiency, improved productivity and faster decision making.

VijuCloud breaks down communications barriers and enables you to transform the employee experience by fostering efficiency, innovation and growth.

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About the author

Simon Watson is Technical Account Manager at Viju. A cloud video specialist with more than 10 years experience in the video communications industry.