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Adding VijuCloud to our existing architecture allows us to seamlessly include external parties who use Skype and Google Talk into our video conferences. The time to set up is immediate, and it works with our existing equipment. The fact that this is so easy to use, and takes no time to set up, is just huge for us.

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Advanced digital technology for the modern workplace

Microsoft Surface Hub will change the way you communicate and interact

Microsoft Surface Hub is a powerful team collaboration device designed around a highly responsive screen built for ink and touch, allowing users to share and interact with content effortlessly. The interactive display harnesses the power of Windows 10, Skype for Business, Office, OneNote and Universal Windows apps to deliver a new kind of productivity experience optimised for groups.

Connecting everything to everyone from anywhere

VijuCloud delivers collaborative experiences from the browser to the boardroom

Until now, interoperability in the business environment has been complicated and challenging. Now is the time to cut through the complexity and visually collaborate in the cloud. And, connecting vendors, platforms, standards and devices is now possible with VijuCloud.

VijuCloud extends the benefits of video communication across your organisation and beyond, and can transform the way organisations utilise video communications.

Video communications and collaboration solutions
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Making visual communications and collaboration productive and enjoyable

We have a holistic approach to people, process and technology – where user behaviour, ease of use and reliability are forefront in our decision making. We believe that business transformation can be achieved when visual communications and collaboration is integrated effectively into the business workflow.

Visually communicate and collaborate with people everywhere

We create dynamic, collaborative and connected ways of working

Viju is a global visual communications and collaboration specialist who is setting the standard for video conferencing, telepresence, audio visual integration and collaboration & visualisation solutions. Our aim is to transform the workplace with visual communications and collaboration. Our mission is to make people better together. We dare to be visionary in solving everyday challenges and developing new approaches to business.

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